vrijdag 4 december 2015

WISH LIST: Acne Studios 'Lark Black' Derbies

Not my photo, wish it would though!
Hello readers! As many of you are probably wondering; yes, I’m not dead, I’m still alive! I had disappeared from the face of the earth, but now I’m back again and I will start today’s post with a question that is a bit strange:

Is it possible that a human being can fall in love with a pair of shoes? 

Yes, I’m not kidding. I do think that this actually happened to me… Is this healthy? Should I go see a doctor? Does anyone know how to deal with this? Please help!

So, it happens to be that I fell for the Lark Black shoes from the brand Acne Studios. They are menswear inspired lace-up shoes with a pointed nose and an elegant platform. Gosh, they’re so pretty! I really do believe they were made in heaven.
The reason why I haven’t run as a lunatic to the store yet trying to purchase this babies? Well, it happens to be that they are a ‘rib uit mijn lijf’, as the Dutchies would say. Which literally means a ‘rib out of my body’, which stands for the fact that they are very VERY expensive… And yeah, as a 16 y-o girl who still receives monthly clothing allowance from her parents and who is born with an aberration which made money leak through her fingers, I definitely don’t have this amount of money on my bank account. So for now, I can only dream of my crush…

But, I’m definitely going to keep my word about the face that one day we will be united! I’m going to save up for them, so one day they will be mine. Starting now!

*Maybe if I would believe hard enough in the existence of Santa Claus, he might actually drop this heavenly pair of shoes underneath my Christmas tree... 

dinsdag 27 oktober 2015

SHOPPING: 5 Steps on How To Get the Best Deals on eBay

Online shopping is definitely one of my guilty pleasures (as you can see on the picture above…). All warm and cozy in my sweats on the couch. Add a cup of tea and then, the endless scrolling through the wide range of the worldwide webshops can begin. There’s no better way to skip lines, to avoid crowded areas and to pass sweaty fitting rooms. What’s not to love?

Do you recognize the following situation? You’ve set your heart on a super cute pair of shoes. You want them extremely bad, but you don’t want your money to be suddenly all gone. 
That’s when I transform into a real bargain hunter. I’ll pursue the shoes until I’ve found the best deal. This mindset might be typical Dutch (it so happens that Dutch people are known to be kind of stingy), but why would you pay more for something when you don’t have to?

eBay is one of the places where I, once in a while, get my hands on an unexpected great deal. For example, I chanced upon Clarks Desert Boots brand new including the original box, an original KENZO phone case and a Collection concealer that was sold out in all physical stores. 

Over the years I’ve become more skillful at finding great deals (especially on eBay). Therefore, I thought it would be nice to share my 5 steps on how to get the best deals on eBay. Have fun reading and embrace your inner Dutchie!

1. Search as selective as possible 
A good beginning is half the battle, as the saying goes. And I have to agree. As you might know, eBay has an enormous amount to offer, including a lot of trash. By adding many keywords to the search bar, you’ll immediately filter the ads that suit your wishes best. You can also filter on colour, condition etc. 
In this way, you don’t have to search endlessly for ads that might be interesting for you. That will save you a lot of time!

2. Tick the free international shipping box
Shipping costs are generally something we would rather not spend our money on. Especially if you buy something from a seller who is a resident of the other side of the ocean, with the result that this kind of costs can increase quickly. Fortunately, some eBay sellers have already passed on the shipping costs in their price. So therefore we don’t have to pay anything extra. 

3. Sort by Price + Shipping: lowest first
The above-mentioned step is unfortunately not always available. Does this apply to your search? Don’t worry. By arranging the ads in Price + Shipping: lowest first you can still make sure that the price you’ll pay eventually, is as low as possible. 
Please note that some sellers also charge import costs. These costs are separate from the delivery costs and therefore are not calculated in this filter. My tip: try to find a seller who doesn’t charge import costs at all, because this costs are high and unnecessary and there are mostly enough sellers who don’t charge this extra costs. 

4. Don’t forget to scroll down
Many people forget to do this. But if you’ve found an ad which looks quite good at first sight, there is much more information to gather about the item apart from a good-looking picture and the price.
If you scroll down, you’ll see the item specifics. This will give you information about the condition of the item, for example if it’s delivered with the original box and tags. Pretty handy, if you ask me!

5. Check the seller information
So now that you’ve chosen an ad that matches your wishes, you want to ensure that the seller from whom you are buying the item is reliable. Therefore you can check the seller information. You’ll see exactly the areas previous buyers were contented about and what were still (if applicable) areas for improvement. 
Based on this information you can determine for yourself whether it is sensible to buy something from a particular seller. For me, this information can make or break the deal.

So, this are my 5 steps to get the best deals on eBay. I hope that this article might have been helpful to you. And I would say, shop wisely!

Are you an online-shopping maniac?

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maandag 12 oktober 2015

FASHION WEEK SS 16: Recap New York

It probably didn’t pass you guys by. On social media you were being flooded with pictures of the most beautiful street style outfits, the finals of the biggest fashion shows and models who are having the greatest time of their lives at the after parties of the coolest designers. And not to forget: the Snapchat stories of the fashion finest, in which they share with the rest of the world, which shows are on the agenda for that day (where people like you and me could only dream of…). If you still have no idea what I’m talking about and therefore probably have lived under a rock: it was Fashion Month!

New York, London, Milan and Paris breathed all fashion for a week. Designers, models, photographers, fashion gurus, journalists and the rest of the people who works in the fashion industry took over the fashion capitals for four weeks long. 

Unfortunately, it’s a fact that you can only attend the shows if you have an invitation, which goes only for a small group of people. And it happen to be that I’m not part of those few lucky ones (but I’m willing to change that in the future!) For now, bless the existence of the Internet! It’s so big nowadays, that I was able to follow the whole event closely J. Thanks to vogue.com, I have seen all the fashion shows (and it made me to cannot wait for the summer to come again). And thanks to my social media, I’ve experienced also all of the things that are going on around the shows, so this was the perfect combination. 

Now that Fashion Month is officially over (L), I thought it was time to do a recap. No sooner said than done. Starting with New York. I’ve put my favorite looks from all of the NY fashion shows together in the slideshow that you can find down below. Especially the shows of Custo Barcelona, Tommy Hilfiger and Vera Wang were in my opinion very cool! Hope you like it!

What is your favorite outfit/show of Fashion Week NY?

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maandag 5 oktober 2015

RECIPE: Oriental Chicken Coleslaw Salad

I’m kind of excited for today’s post because I have a scoop for you guys! As it happens, today is the day that I’m posting the first recipe on my blog. I’ve been wandering around with this idea for quite a while, and yesterday I thought: why not? So, here it is!

This recipe is one of my favorite dishes ever; it’s an oriental chicken coleslaw salad. I love oriental food and salads, so this is the perfect combination! It’s simple, fast (takes only 10 minutes of your time) and in my opinion delicious! Not many people are acquainted with this dish and therefore, they don’t know what they’re missing. But today I’m going to change that!

donderdag 1 oktober 2015


Hi babes! Today’s article is about my most recent purchase and the story behind it. I thought it would be nice to share it with you guys since it was a fun experiment. Enjoy reading!

When the summery weather was getting ready to leave, saying goodbye to the people in Holland and wasn’t planning on coming back for a whole year, I decided that it was time to make my wardrobe autumn/winter-proof. Starting off with a new coat! I’ve literally worn out the coat that I wore last year around this time. So it was time for some shopping! And let that be exactly the one thing I like to do most J

vrijdag 11 september 2015

NEW IN: Dogeared Hamsa Necklace

Dearest readers, for today’s post I wanted to tell you guys about a recent discovery of mine in the area of jewelry. Because I’m very excited about this, I thought it would be fun to share it with you guys. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on this article. Have fun reading!

For a while I was looking for a minimalistic, gold necklace with a small pendant that you can wear at all times. After a look on the Internet I came across the brand Dogeared, which I liked immediately. This American jewelry brand focuses on making jewelry that is both beautiful and meaningful. After I went to the official Dogeared webshop, my eye fell on a small gold necklace with a hamsa hand pendant. It was love at first sight!

The necklace didn’t take too long to arrive and within a week it hung there, shining around my neck. I’m very happy with it! I totally agree with the quote less is more. Big stones around my neck doesn’t work for me; I rather have a simple, timeless necklace that I can wear with everything. Because the jewel is gold-dipped and therefore water resistant, I literally wear it at all times. For that matter, the reason why I’ve chosen the hamsa pendant has nothing to do with my religious conviction. I just think it’s a very beautiful pendant J

I’m very enthusiastic about this brand! They have beautiful timeless pieces of good quality. Also, each jewel has its own inspirational quote, which in my opinion is a lovely detail.

So in short: I’m over the moon with my new necklace!

What’s your taste when it comes to jewelry? Go big or go home or less is more? 


zondag 2 augustus 2015

PERSONAL: Bikini Stash Summer 2015

Hi everyone! The last few days I’ve done nothing else than enjoying my holiday and I have to say I can get used to the holiday life J. What’s nice is that the weather has improved and I’m now finally able to catch a summer tan. My days consist of sleeping in, going out for a morning run (still needs to be done…) and after that lying by the pool all day. Love it!

During the preparation of my vacation, I might have become a little addicted when it comes to buying swimwear. The past few weeks I’ve expanded my bikini stash considerably and for today’s post I thought it would be fun to share it with you guys.