zondag 19 oktober 2014

INSPIRATION: Autumn/Winter Outerwear

Happy Sunday everyone! While I’m writing this I’m lying in my sweatpants and hoodie on the couch enjoying this lazy Sunday. I have nothing to do today because I’ve FI-NA-LY vacation! I’ve been looking forward to doing nothing and not having to study for so long and I’m happier than ever that it’s finally here. I haven’t scheduled anything (except a day in Amsterdam which I’m really looking forward to) and decided that I’m going to read and watch Netflix a lot. After this free week I have a few busy weeks with tons of tests, presentations and a lot of homework so I have to focus 100% at school. Therefore I’m going to enjoy this week even more and experience the ultimate laziness.

Upcoming Tuesday I’m going to Amsterdam. I’m very excited for it because I'll have some quality time with my mom and it’s also a good opportunity to expand my fall wardrobe. I’ve already make a list of the things I’d like to buy in A’dam. The thing I always do before going on a shopping trip is to search for inspiration on Pinterest for example, so I can see what the trends are this season and see what goes with my style. Since coats and jackets are returning every fall and winter and a nice coat is high on my wishlist, I thought it’d be nice to share my finds with you. I hope you like it. Enjoy!
pics from Pinterest, CollageVintage.com, TheOutsider.us, WhoWhatWear.com, Le21Eme.com

What kind of coat is on your wishlist?

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zondag 12 oktober 2014

MY FAVORITES: Fashion Webshops 5x

Hi everyone! The online stores are getting better at making us forget ‘old fashion shopping’ with beautiful pictures, low shipping costs and 360 degree views. Of course a shop session with your friends or your mom is super nice. But if you don’t want to go outside on a rainy day though you do want a new outfit, online shopping is ideal!

Because I love to shop online, I thought it would be nice to post this week ‘My Top 5 Favorite Webshops’. The best, biggest and most versatile online stores get a place in my top 5. Enjoy!

1.    ASOS
Asos is by far my favorite! This store has a gigantic supply and is therefore the biggest webshop on the moment. They sell not only their own brand, but also designer clothes and clothing from all kinds of other stores. Asos has great pictures and in addition you can also see moving images of a model with the selected item. Besides, Asos has low shipping costs and fast shipping. Very nice!
Tip: If you click on OUTLET and then DESIGNER, you can find for a small prize a beautiful designer piece.

2.    ZARA
Zara definitely deserves a place in my top 5. The cosy knits, the soft scarves, the silk blouses, Zara knows exactly what we want! The webshop is quickly restocked and if you choose to send your purchase to a store nearby, the shipping is free!

Especially because of the great shoe collection and nice warm coats I like to bring a visit to this webshop. Sometimes it’s a bit pricey, but it’s worth every penny. It’s also very nice that you can sit on the couch looking for nice items instead of doing that through a giant crowd.

4.    H&M
Trusted by the low prices and yet nice clothing this store can’t be missing in my top 5. Although the store and the webstore are the same, you can find online often more items in sale. Also, new collections are faster available and everything is restocked very quickly.

5.    FOREVER21
Last but not least, Forever 21. Ideal if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the store and scroll behind you laptop through the pictures of nice clothes.

So these are my favorite webshops! I’m always looking for new cool stores, so if you know a store that should get a place in this top 5, let me know!

What are your favorite webshops?

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zondag 5 oktober 2014

SPOTTED: The Perfect Sweater

Good morning everyone! It’s October already, gosh, the time flies! A month ago I was lying in my bikini on the beach and now the warm clothes can re-emerge. What a difference! But I don’t mind that the warm months are over, because I’m always really excited for autumn.

One of the reasons why I’m so happy about autumn are sweaters! I love me some good sweaters! Chunky, wool, refined, turtleneck, cashmere, love them all! They are so comfortable and you can give it a nice tough by, for example, combine it with a statement necklace, blouse underneath or a nice jacket. Every year I’m expanding my sweater collection and I’ve already bought last month some nice ones.

As time has passed, I know what my YAY’s and NAY’s are on sweater area. I’m kind of short, so oversized sweaters fits me even more oversized what gives me a dowdy look. Therefore I prefer to avoid them. Also I don’t like too much fuss at a sweater, less is more if you ask me. A itchy sweater is also a real don’t! I’m fan of sweaters that are falling just over my jeans for example and that are made of a nice fabric. 
Of course, my idea of a good sweater doesn’t need to apply for you, but if you have about the same demands as I do, then this sweater I’ve found last week is probably something for you! 
Alpaca-Blend Sweater in Gunmetal Grey
Last week I was looking around on MANGO.com when I came across the perfect sweater. It’s nice and soft, warm, has the perfect length and met all my demands. Also a big plus: the sweater was only €15,99. So I couldn’t pass it up.
It’s the ‘Alpaca-Blend Sweater’ and it’s available in many different colors. I’ve bought it in ‘gunmental grey’ and ‘camel vigore’.

I wanted to share this find with you ‘cause I know that much people are also looking for the perfect sweater. I hope I’ve helped these people with this article.

What demands should your perfect sweater meet?

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zondag 28 september 2014

Let's Discuss: Moschino Barbie Mirror Phone Case

Helena Bordon 
Happy Sunday everyone! First I want to say that I regret that I have so little time to write on my blog. Lately I’m very busy with school and stuff. Because I enjoy writing about fashion very much I’m going to try to post an article once a week. I hope that works!

The catogory ‘Let’s Discuss’ is new on my blog. I would like to what your thoughts are on for example a particular item or statement, it could be anything. So feel free to give your opinion, because that’s after all the point. I’ll read them all J

September = Fashion Week. I have closely followed it this year and it inspired me so much! Ufortunately, I personally have never been to a fashion show but it’s defenitely on my bucket list! Besides the shows, I love to watch the street style around Fashion Week. You see the craziest outfits passing by and the nice thing is that it’s appreciated at Fashion Week. On Pinterest I’ve made a board (click here) where I pin street style pics that I like. Have a look!

Moschino Milano Fashion Show SS 15
During Milano Fashion Week, the show from Moschino with the designs of Jeremy Scott came passing by. This is the second time he works together with the brand. Previously, he inspired himself by the McDonalds logo and Spongebob, this time it was Barbie’s turn. This collection was as succesful as the previous one. (Click here to watch the show).
Moschino is very popular because of its weird but funny designs, and especially the iPhone Cases are extremely popular. Jeremy Scott has also designed a new case this year, which we saw in different street style looks and of course in the show.
It’s a phone case inspired by the mirror of Barbie, complete with a handle and a real mirror (handy to take a selfie!) Horrible, some might think. But enough people must like it, otherwise it wouldn’t be sold out in no time. So the opinions are very divided.

I admit that you really have to like it, and not everyone does that. My opinion is that this case is not very practical (takes a lot of space and isn’t comfortable) and I wouldn’t recommend this case for daily use. Though I think if you want to stand out or make a statement during an occasion (such as Fashion Week), this case is perfect for that

What do you think about the Moschino Barbie Mirror Phone Case? Please leave a comment below.


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zondag 29 juni 2014

New | Vintage Calvin Klein Overall

Hi y'all! You have not heard anything from me for a while. Sorry for that! But I've been so busy lately with school and stuff... Tomorrow is my testweek finally over and that means summer vacation! Then I'll try to write more often, because I love doing that :)
You've probably seen or read somewhere that the denim overall is back in the fashionworld again. And I love it! A overall is so comfortable but still fashionable. I haven't had one two weeks ago so I went searching (online and in real stores) for a nice one. I don't like denim with many bleached details on it but unfortunately I saw a lot of this kind of overalls. After a while searching online I came across this outfit from London's Closet and it was exactly the overall that I had in mind. 

She worn a Vintage Calvin Klein Overall and after a while I found a seller on Ebay who sold this overall in size s and m. I wasn't sure about the size (because I wanted it a bit oversized but not too much) so I decided after some hesitation to buy them both and sell the one that I'd not fit. I'm really happy with the overalls and I think that they're both really nice (they have about the same color) but s fits me better.
Speckled Knit for London's Closet
So now I've one left. If you are interested in a Vintage Calvin Klein Overall size m click here, here, here or send an email to rooskoks@hotmail.com. I'd like it if I can make someone else happy with it :)

Do you have an overall yet? Leave a comment below! I'll read all of them and visit your blog (if you have one) ASAP!

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zondag 8 juni 2014

Amsterdam & Berlin Shoplog (oa. Forever21, Monki, Pull & Bear, Zara)

Hi there! First of all, thank you guys so much for the comments with advise in my last post! I really appreciate that. You haven't heard much from me in the past two weeks, sorry for that. As you know I went to Berlin. Such a cool city! I wanted to write a separate post about it. Unfortunately we were there not very long - 2 days - so I've only vistited the most touristy places since it was my first time in Berlin. I think it isn't really interesting for you if I wrote an article about that. I'm definitely going to visit Berlin again because I loved it! Then I'll use your tips and visit the non-tourist sites. If you were looking forward to a Berlin post, I'm sorry for that. But I do have a really nice shoplog for you ;)

During my vacation, which unfortunately is almost over and I have to go back to school :(, I have been to Berlin with my family and last Thursday with a friend of mine to Amsterdam for some good shopping. I 'needed' new summer clothes and I am well succeeded. Pull and Bear is the only shop where I've bought something in Berlin, the rest is from Amsterdam. Enjoy!
This beautiful kimono I bought at Forever21 in Amsterdam and it was €13,75. I was looking for a while for a kimono for the summer (to, for example, put over your bikini when it's getting chilly).
and this one is perfect! There are flowers all over it and the fabric is light-weith. I'm going to combine the kimono with a black or white - not too wide - top (this one for example).

This summer dress I bought in Berlin. At the Zoologischer Garten are many nice shops (eg. Pull & Bear, Forever 21) so if you're in Berlin I would take a look there. This dress I've bought at Pull and Bear and I'm very happy with it. I think that it has a beautiful model (especially the back) and the print is so summery. I bought it for 29,99.

This blouse is from the rather new store (at least in the Netherlands) Costes. A really nice shop where you can score inter alia beautiful basics. Like this blouse! I was looking for so long for the perfect white long sleeved blouse (before I had a basic white blouse but didn't fits well) and now I finally found it. The blouse is made of thicker fabrics than most blouses. Therefore you can hardly see your tank top underneath. That's really nice! I paid €35,00 for it.
I found this cute singlet at Monki. I'm very happy with it! The top is made of cotton and I love the details at the bottom! You can combine this top with everything. Really a must! It was €12,-.
This is a normal striped t-shirt from Brandy Melville and it was €18,-. Not very special but I haven't had one. You can combine this shirt good as well. And the fabric is so soft!! Love it!

Oh gosh, I want this short for such a long time! And I finally own them. It's a vintage Levi's 501 Short and it's high waisted. I bought it at Zipper in Amsterdam. Zipper is a vintage store and you have stacks of this kind of shorts! Heaven :) I know a lot of girls are looking for this shorts so here is a tip: go to a vintage store! There you can buy them the best and cheapest. I paid €22,50 for one short.
And guess what. I bought another one! Same model but this one is black. This was also on my wishlist for quite a long time and I couldn't pass up! 
But this has to be my most favorite purchase1 After I've bought a fake one at H&M and I was ripped off at Marktplaats (dutch Ebay) for quite some money, I finally found the perfect leather jacket!! He was pricey but totally worth it. I know I'll wear it non-stop so it was a good investment. I bought the jacket at Zara for €149,-.

I hope you liked it. Sorry if the pictures are too dark, I have a new camera and I'm still trying to figure out how it works.

Do you think I should do more often a shoplog? Leave a comment below! I'll read all of them and visit your blog (if you have one) ASAP!

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maandag 28 april 2014

Soon: On adventure in Berlin

Hey everbody! It's almost may and the summer is getting closer! I finally have vacation and don't have to think for two weeks about school! So delightful! In a few days I'am going to Berlin for 4 days with my family. I'm so looking forward to it! I've never been "really" in Germany (only driven through it) and therefore I haven't many experiences with the city. I do have heard that it is a beautiful city and that you can shop well :) 
But now I have a question for you: Do you know any cool places that are definitely worth to go when I'm in Berlin? Think of nice caf├ęs, (vintage) shops or other fun things. Thanks in advance :)

Anyway, I can't wait to go. There will certainly be a blog post about my trip to Berlin. This was purely an article asking if you guys have any recommendations.

Are you going on a trip soon? Leave a comment below. I'll read all of them and visit your blog (if you have one) ASAP!

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